Yoga Emergency

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Video Description: Celeste is an expert yoga practitioner, but it's not her only valuable attribute. Her private lessons are the talk of the town, and it's important for Abigale to have the one on one experience. As the lesson continues, both beauties show their perfect bodies, and their incredible state of relaxation, until Celeste suggests they try a more complicated stretch, resulting in some severe leg pain. Celeste is an expert massage therapist, and helps Abigale fix her leg with some stretches and rubbing. Abigale soon has Celeste intimately massaging her thigh, grabbing her muscles with her hands, and starting to work out Abigale's kinks. Celeste recommends a full body massage, and Abigale is excited to comply. Luckily Celeste also recommends they do it in the nude, as not to get oil stains on their clothes. Abigale enjoys every second of Celeste's massage, and when things heat up, you'll see things you won't want to forget anytime soon.

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DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
What happens when you put two celestial bodies in one sky? It explodes! Just like I did watching this for the 100th time today. Still one of the hottest scenes I've ever had the privilege of viewing. Over and over and over ......Celeste and Abigale will go into the Hall of Fame(s) on the strength of this one scene!
2021-06-29 14:08
Abigail is great...
2016-10-15 11:19
Celeste look soo much better in this scene than she does in more current scenes.
2016-10-15 11:34
for me, one of the best scenes in this site.
2016-06-02 00:48
Why dont you guys have more scenes with Celeste Star.... she is just so amazing!!!!!
2016-01-16 10:40
Celeste Star is one of my favorites!
2014-12-20 15:21