You Seem Tense

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Video Description: Lola Foxx is stressed. She's jumpy and uptight lately, so her friend suggests she go for a massage. Karlie Montana is the sexy redhead masseuse that will be taking care of Lola today. Part of the issue with Lola is that she's super shy about showing off her gorgeous body. She needs to relax, be touched and let her sexual energy flow. Karlie is just the woman to make that happen for the uber tense Lola. Watch as Karlie lightly rubs her oiled hands all over Lola's inner thighs, teasing her pussy. Lola finally starts to breathe deeply and relax and you can see she is beginning to let go of her inhibitions. But Karlie knows Lola needs more than just a light rub. Watch her strip out of her robe and panties as Lola is face down on the massage table. Karlie lubes up her breasts, climbing on the table to rub her body all over the now relaxed Lola. Karlie gives an intimate massage to Lola's ass with her breasts and hands before instructing her to arch up so that she can lick and taste her now wet pussy. Lola immediately begins to moan as she lets her tension go as she inches closer and closer to an orgasm.

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We don’t understand that this is a small thing and it gets boring. Girls are beautiful, but they have so little sex. Whore mouth.
2021-12-28 18:51
I wish Karlie took her shoes off. I can’t get off when they are still wearing footwear.
2021-07-18 10:30
This is a HOT HOT body massage!! GREAT... More Please!!
2014-12-09 07:18
love the sounds Karlie makes when going down on a woman, reminds me of Asa and Nina
2013-11-24 19:16