You Two Are Lucky

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Video Description: Two bubbly girlfriends, Vina Sky and Harley Haze, enter a massage parlor and are greeted by an older lesbian masseuse, Shay Sights. It's immediately obvious that the girlfriends are deeply in love and are too adorable for words! As Shay gives them a sensual couple's massage, she admires the lovey-dovey girlfriends for being out and proud, wishing that SHE had the same luxury, especially in the past. But, unfortunately, she's always had to wear her rainbow internally.

Vina and Harley are touched and empathetic as they assure Shay that she can be out and proud, too, though Shay feels like it's a little too late. That's when the adventurous girlfriends invite Shay to have a tryst with them so that she can FINALLY gain the confidence and life experience she's longed for!

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Summer Rayne
Glad to be back and to see a fun and sensual scene with a storyline for those of us who still feel uncomfortable coming out because we grew up in the time before it was relatively safe.
2022-04-25 10:37
Disappointing... I get this is a massage channel. I get it. But if i wanted to watch someone get a full massage, i would just get one myself. I came to, well rub one off, the massage aspect was a good lead up and extra feature. When you make it the whole feature in a porn movie, you got problems on your hands.
2022-04-11 22:42
Asian Euro milf lesbian sex so hot. More pussy to mouth all was hot to watch.
2022-03-11 22:12
Tony Goldfinger 7
Harley is the girl I love and the girl I want. I love Vina too and always have. Next time, get Harley and Vina together for a smoking hot Webyoung scene please.
2022-03-05 04:50
So much potential wasted in the direction of this scene as the action begins far too late with the remainder of the scene feeling so rushed to completed.

These three actresses looked and performed well together but were really not given enough time to show us all they could do.
2022-03-04 21:59